Joseph Cartron

    Joseph Cartron Creme de Framboise

    Creme de Framboise Liqueur
    Joseph Cartron has carefully selected for this liqueur the Lloyd George and Rose de Plombières Burgundy varieties of raspberries, for their delicate and genuine

    The vats are loaded with fruit up to 2/3 of their volume, and then topped up with pure alcohol. The maceration is carried out at room temperature and lasts 5 to 6
weeks for a perfect result. At this stage, the resulting infusion, a blend of spirit and juice, is tasted before being carefully decanted. Then, crystallized sugar is slowly mixed in due proportion. This operation naturally lowers the alcohol content and develops the flavor of the fruit.
    Awards and Accolades:
    Rated 4 stars - Paul Pacult - Spirit Journal