Grappa Piave

    Grappa is one of the symbols of Italian tradition, and in Italy, as in the rest of the world, only what is really "good" becomes a part of tradition. Grappa Piave Selezione Cuore stems from the numerous years’ experience of the Maestri Distillatori in Conegliano Veneto, the Homeland of grappa, who carefully select the dregs of pressed grapes coming from the most famous wine growing areas, using it to make a product, which is unique in its kind.

    In fact, during distillation, the "heads" rich in methyl alcohol and the "tails" full of primary alcohol, which gives an unpleasant flavor, are discarded. Grappa Piave Selezione Cuore is made only from the "heart" of the distillate, the best and most valued part. A white grappa with a young, smooth aroma, a "Master Grappa", liked by all and recommended as the ideal way of finishing a good meal.

    Grappa Piave Selezione Cuore, produced using a traditional method with modern technological equipment so as to exalt all its qualities and meet today's requirements in taste, can rightly be defined as a "Young Myth".