Michael Godard

    Michael Godard "The Spa Treatment"

    "The Spa Treatment" Gin
    Michael Godard, “Rock Star of the Art World,” is one of the top selling artists on earth. His art is collected by people from all walks of life- and of all ages- including movie stars, politicians, and professional athletes.

    Michael Godard Gin is a work of art by itself. Made in true artisan fashion, only the freshest botanicals are individually prepared in small, water heated, copper pots before being added to the distillate. As a result, no particular flavor overwhelms the other.
    The outcome is nothing less than spectacular.

    Only the most elite botanicals are allowed entrance to the private, fragrant spa where Michael Godard Gin is distilled.

    Perfectly heated copper pots, simmering with fluids infused with juniper, welcome these exclusive, specially selected limes & lemons which are allowed the indulgent pleasure of relaxing in this perfectly blended spirit.

    Enter your individually numbered bottle at www.MichaelGodardSpirits.com and get a free Certificate of Registration via e-mail!